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Engineering is a fundamental human characteristic that makes us grow, invent and undertake the most surprising technological advances. That power is innate in human nature and our children can now through creative play learn how to exploit that potential.

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Engino was born in Cyprus with the purpose of helping children to create technological models in an easy and creative way so that they can experiment and learn about science and technology in a fun and entertaining way.

With a "click" connection system without tools, all they need is their mind and their hands to start "playing games of invention". Allowing children to build a variety of models from the simplest to the most complex using only a small number of components in a very simple and fast way.

The innovation of Eco Builds is that it allows you to connect wooden bars to plastic parts in an easy and intuitive way without the need for additional glues or grips. Its high educational value has made it a surefire success both at home and in schools. It is the first building system that combines the warmth of natural wood with the technological possibilities of plastic in a single product.
By using wood, the amount of plastic used is significantly reduced, allowing for more efficient recycling and therefore much more sustainable for the environment.

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