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More than 25 years ago in Brainbox people realized the importance of our environment; the founder of BrainBox had ecological and ethical ambitions, so from the beginning all products were made as ecological as possible.

  • BrainBox - juego de memoria: Colorea y Crea BrainBox - juego de memoria: Colorea y Crea
    + 4 years old


    BrainBox - juego de memoria: Colorea y Crea

    Observa atentamente durante 10 segundos la ilustración que está impresa en la tarjeta. Tira el dado, y haz una de las 6 preguntas, la que coincida con el número que te haya tocado en la tirada.El objetivo del juego es estimular la memoria de los más pequeños.Ahora puedes colorear tu las propias...

    16,95 €

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To this day, all games are made of at least 70% recycled materials, and are fully recyclable. They are constantly reviewing their approach to CSR and the search for new sustainable forms of supply.

Their business partners focus on an ethical approach in all areas of business; they look for those who have a clear understanding of what sustainable means and those who integrate employees with Down syndrome into their workplace.

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