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B. You is the brand that create toys that inspire individuality.

Battat is a family-run business based in Montreal, Canada and Plattsburgh, NY that has been making family-focused products for over 100 years. Through innovative thinking, unique design and a steadfast commitment to safety and reliability, Battat has created some of the world’s most favorite toys. (Moms and kids agree.) Battat has worked with Voss and her DoodleDo design team for 10 years.

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They dreamt it.  After decades of making toys, a team of designer-friends at DoodleDo, in partnership with family-run manufacturer Battat, decided it was time for toys that made a difference.  To the world and the children in it.

As parents they held the opportunity of a lifetime, literally, in their hands.  The formation of little humans is our legacy, our gift to the world.  Who those children become happens in the daily decisions, in the fleeting moments of everyday life.  Even in what toys kids play with.

At the end of the day, we all buy toys to help us raise our kids. Good and happy kids.

Fair. Honest. Kind. Good. Happy.

Hence their toys.  With the one-letter name.

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