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At Marbushka they firmly believe that lasting quality can only be achieved through the use of natural materials and the best craftsmanship.

Marbushka was born out of a passion for games and has been nourished by it ever since.

They play games that will remain a treasure for many generations to come, not only for their outward appearance, but also for their substance and spirit.

List of products by manufacturer Marbushka

Many of their items are made from discarded materials, which they recycle into new products. In addition to the environmental benefits this brings, it also gives them a unique appeal. They use a minimum amount of packaging in their products.

With the exception of some printed products, all Marbushka products are handmade, and this has many benefits; each product is unique, the quality is very high, traditional skills are maintained, and there is less impact on the environment.

They use only organic materials: paper, wood, and canvas cloth. They aim to introduce only organic products and work closely with their suppliers to achieve this.

They use natural fabrics throughout their range of games and toys, and the paints used comply with the strictest safety standards.

Marbushka toys are manufactured locally in Hungary. Its partners, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers are mainly small family businesses.

All Marbushka's products are manufactured in an exploitation-free manner.

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