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Recover your playful spirit and your taste for beach sand sculptures with the Willy Spheres Sand Shapers.

Wether you are in the beach or in the mountains, with these modeling tools you can create perfect snow or sand spheres of  in the blink of an eye, and in different sizes.

People will be amazed to see your creations.

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It has never been easier to create spheres so perfect and so fast from a pile of sand or snow. You can make countless sand sculptures almost effortlessly.

You'll see the spheres come out of nowhere. They seem to be inside the sand, waiting for someone to take them out, and here, at your disposal, you have the perfect tool to do it.

The Willy Spheres are super easy to use for adults and older kids. Results are spectacular and people on the beach will stop by, comment on your creations and take photos!

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