At ThinkFun they have the motto "Fun games that sharpen your mind" and a mission: to translate the brilliant ideas of the craziest mathematicians, engineers and inventors into simple toys that can be used by children all over the world.

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  • Thinkfun - Invasion of the cow - Cucutoys Thinkfun - Invasion of the cow - Cucutoys
    Free -10% + 6 years old

    Thinkfun - Invasion of the cow Snatchers - Cucutoys


    Take control of your UFO to solve magnetic challenges.Manoeuvre over and around farm obstacles as you transport cows from one side to the other.With 5 levels of increasing difficulty, the 40 easy to super-hard challenges are ideal for beginners, while the final 20 genius-level challenges are suitable for more experienced players. Ignite your mind with...

    31,95 € 35,50 € -10%


They are passionate about striving to make learning fun. It drives everything they do, and every game, jigsaw and puzzle they create.
They love being the spark that ignites the minds of little ones and gives them a head start in early learning.

Specializing in challenging games, they have been creating the best and most fun puzzles on the market since 1985.
Their most important successes are: Rush Hour (1996) and Zingo (2000), and since then they release several new games every year.
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