Fly Dance RGB - Mini Dron hand-controlled - Cucutoys Expand
Fly Dance RGB - Mini Dron hand-controlled - Cucutoys
  • Fly Dance RGB - Mini Dron hand-controlled - Cucutoys
  • Fly Dance RGB - Mini Dron hand-controlled - Cucutoys
  • Fly Dance RGB - Mini Dron hand-controlled - Cucutoys

Fly Dance RGB - Mini Dron hand-controlled - Cucutoys

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39,95 €

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Charge the FlyDance RGB Drone with the included USB cable, turn it on, and? launch it into the air! You can play by yourself, or throw it to other players.
  • Hands-on control: Steer the drone in the direction you want with your hands.
  • Safe for everyone: Family friendly, capable of withstanding minor bumps and crashes
  • Indoor flight: Incredible fun for all ages and designed for indoor use.
  • Auto hover: Senses air pressure to maintain a constant altitude
  • Infrared controlled: 5 built-in sensors detect and avoid obstacles in its path
  • Illuminated: LED ring illuminates the surroundings
  • Automatic control: Take-off and landing controlled by remote control

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  • 6 years old
    6 years old

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Get a thrill with this magically controlled drone, controlled only by your hands! A hyper light drone that levitates, flies and dances avoiding any obstacle while you steer it without having to touch it.

Drone size: 10x10x3,5 cm.
Colour Grey / Red.
From 6 years old

Run after it, get in front of it or steer it with your hands. It will do almost impossible pirouettes with your movements. Race with your friends, play with or without obstacles. Its sensors will prevent collisions with them, so you can play safely at home. Don't worry about the ceiling or the height if you don't get where he is, he will notice it and come down until you can play with him. Thanks to its special casing and its hyper light weight you will have no problem with its 4 propellers.

It has 2 programmed movements that when ordered with the position of your hands it will do a somersault or change the colour of the LED ring.

Incorporates position lights and charge indicators. Includes USB charging cable and instructions in 7 languages, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.
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