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PlanToys - Carrito Andador de Madera ecológica
  • PlanToys - Carrito Andador de Madera ecológica
  • PlanToys - Carrito Andador de Madera ecológica
  • PlanToys - Carrito Andador de Madera ecológica
  • PlanToys - Carrito Andador de Madera ecológica
  • PlanToys - Carrito Andador de Madera ecológica

PlanToys - Van Walker

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My first cargo van... where I can fit a lot of toys! With this ride-on - walker he brings all his toys to his play place. You will discover that his preference is not to play in his room!

This toy promotes motor intelligence, coordination, balance and laterality.

PlanToys brings us from Thailand this wooden walking cart with a 100% ecological and sustainable van design.

Awards and recognitions:

Pal Award Pal Award (USA)

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  • 10 months old
    10 months old

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A fun design that you will enjoy a lot, putting your favorite toys in and out and carrying them around. The wheels have a rubber cover to protect the surfaces and facilitate sliding, as well as a wheel locking system.

This toy is made from pressed, clean, natural rubber wood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex, and to keep this wood pure, a chemical-free process is used to dry it. The glues used in its manufacture are free of formaldehyde, and only non-toxic vegetable dyes based on soy and water are used. It encourages sustainable play, which is the basis for the development of creative minds and for bringing children closer to nature. Our children will grow up knowing and respecting the preservation of natural resources for future generations. This toy is 100% sustainable.

Size of walker (cm): 21x30x46,5


For over 30 years, PlanToys has been consistently developing its products and activities, with the firm commitment a company has never made before to positively contribute to the world. From best practices and beyond with innovation and creativity in toy processing and design, PlanToys Sustainable play is the foundation of how our toys cultivate creative minds, and bring nature closer to children. Our children will grow up with the knowledge and appreciation to respect the preservation of natural resources for future generations, knowing that they can make this world a better place. Plantoys has earned global recognition, and has diversified its philosophy with natural aesthetic quality through wooden toys.

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0 1 2 3 4

Es exactamente igual que lo que esperaba. A mi nieta le ha encantado

0 1 2 3 4

El andador es muy bonito, pero es demasiado pequeña y cuando el niño se apoya y quiere levantarse se cae con lo que no cumple con su propósito.

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Muy profesionales,

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Llamé por teléfono y me atendieron fenomenal.\nEl producto me llegó rápido y ahora sólo espero que mi sobrino disfrute mucho con su juguete.

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En Cucutoys son rápidos, eficientes y los productos que entregan son de gran calidad. Estoy muy muy contenta con mi pedido y el servicio!

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ideal para ayudar a los peques a comenzar a andar solitos. Muy contestos con el producto y muy rápida la entrega. ES regulable para que puedan ir más rápido o mas lentos.

0 1 2 3 4

No puedo tener mejor opinion tanto del producto como del trato recibido y la forma tan rápida de resolución de problemas.

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No la ha dejado ni un momento.

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