Rubens Barn - Tummies Doll with Wheat Bag Summer - Cucutoys Expand
Rubens Barn - Tummies Doll with Wheat Bag Summer - Cucutoys
  • Rubens Barn - Tummies Doll with Wheat Bag Summer - Cucutoys
  • Rubens Barn - Tummies Doll with Wheat Bag Summer - Cucutoys
  • Rubens Barn - Tummies Doll with Wheat Bag Summer - Cucutoys
  • Rubens Barn - Tummies Doll with Wheat Bag Summer - Cucutoys

Rubens Barn - Tummies Doll with Wheat Bag Summer - Cucutoys

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There is nothing cuter than Summer from the brand new Rubens Barn Tummies range. She is made from soft organic cotton, featuring realistic facial features and soft beautiful clothing. Summer loves to follow along and play with you indoors or outdoors. She comes with a removable bag of organic Swedish wheat in her tummy. The tummies are a unique range of soft dolls that can be used as a comfort, to soothe a tummy ache, or even put in the freezer if needed to cool down on those hot summer days! We love the new range of Tummies, and we are sure you will too!

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The adorable Rubens Tummies are the hugging experts and are ready to provide comfort, whether your little ones need to warm up or cool down.

These adorable dolls contain removable bags of Swedish organic wheat that you can heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer depending on your kids need. They are ideal for warm and cosy bedtimes or tummy pains and for cooling off on hot summer nights or during a fever.

Sol loves to stay awake to watch the midnight sun as she lies close to you to keep you safe.

  • Cloth doll.
  • Recommended for all ages.
  • Doll: Machine washable.
  • Outfit: Hand wash.


  • Microwave: Heat the wheat bag for ca. 60 sec. at 600W (reduce the time for higher watt level) in a CLEAN microwave.
  • Oven: Heat the wheat bag ca. 100 °C for 10 min. The bag will remain warm for 30-40 min.
  • Freezer: Place the wheat bag in a freezer for 1-3 hours. The bag will remain cold for ca. 30 min.


Dampen the bag of wheat frequently by placing a glass of water next to the wheat bag in a clean microwave for 1-2 minutes at 600W. Carry out this process before using the bag for the first time. Ensure that the wheat bag is at room temperature before next warming or cooling session.

NOTE: The wheat bag should not be washed.



Rubens Barn

In 1996 ceramic designer Ewa Jarenskog came across a problem. Ewa had been successfully creating popular clay figurines with emotional, childlike and cheeky motives, but they weren’t suitable for children to play with. So Ewa and her friend, apparel designer Teruko Wahlström, started their journey together to create Rubens Barn.

They faced two main challenges. To capture the expressions of Ewa’s clay models in soft fabric, and to create a friend that would last a childhood of play. These challenges, along with the strong beliefs in the importance of developing empathy through play, and that children shouldn’t be hurried out of their childhood, have guided us at Rubens Barn until today.

Handmade Happiness

We are extremely proud to have worked very closely with a family run producer in China for more than 16 years. They exclusively create Rubens Barn and most of the highly skilled seamstresses have been with us from the beginning, perfecting their craft and helping shape Rubens Barn to what it is today. We are mutually dependent on each other and have during these years created a strong friendship where we have thrived together.

Barn means children in Swedish and it is children that are our focus. A child playing and interacting with a Rubens Barn doll, developing their empathy to later become more understanding and sociable adults is what motives us. We are excited about focusing more on this emotional education and hope that you will join us on our journey!

About our Dolls

A Rubens Barn doll takes over 100 different steps by hand to create. The faces of our dolls are sculptured in soft fabric, for a more emotional and realistic look. The eyes are important. They are embroidered and are what brings the dolls to life, and in combination with their warm cheeky smiles, makes a Rubens Barn doll an irresistible friend! Handmade Happiness!

Material and Washing

Hair, skin & clothes for our organic cotton dolls are made with 100% certified organic cotton. Hair, skin & stuffing for all other handmade dolls are from 100% polyester. Bottom weight 100% calcium carbonate granule. All dolls can be machine washed at 30°C and tumble dried in low heat. All clothes should be hand washed.

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