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  • Vilac - Sailor small drum Vilac - Sailor small drum
    Free + 3 years old

    Vilac - Sailor small drum


    The little drum "Bagad de Lann-Bihoué" allows children from 3 years old to put themselves in the shoes of the drummer of the Breton band of the French Navy. It is decorated with figures of sailors, a treble clef and anchor intertwined at the top and a blue, white and red border.Designed by Vilac and the French Navy, with this drum the little ones...

    31,90 €
  • Ebulobo - Gabin Lapin's puppet Ebulobo - Gabin Lapin's puppet
    -12,00 € + 6 months old

    Ebulobo - Gabin Lapin's puppet


    The show is just about to start!Ebulobo brings us this puppet of the little rabbit Gabin together with two finger puppets, ideal for big shows.The finger puppets have crunchy paper and different drawings on each side: a carrot, some green beans, a radish and even.... a toothbrush to keep your teeth clean!

    12,50 € 24,50 € -12,00 €
  • HABA - Metallophone - Cucutoys HABA - Metallophone - Cucutoys
    -11,00 € + 2 years old

    HABA - Metallophone - Cucutoys


    With the HABA pentatonic metallophone, children can playfully discover the world of sounds.The colours of the metal plates correspond to the colours of the notes in the songbook. This allows the little ones to find their way around when playing on the HABA metallophone. Whether spontaneous improvisation or playing simple melodies, the metallophone offers...

    13,65 € 24,65 € -11,00 €
  • Tambú - Steel Tongue Drum Turquoise matte Tambú - Steel Tongue Drum Turquoise matte
    Free + 3 years old
    Out of stock

    Tambú - Steel Tongue Drum Under the Sea (Turquoise matte)


    TAMBÚ is a 8-inch sized reed drum, steel tongue drum or petal drum, a beautiful musical instrument ideal for getting started in the fascinating world of velvety sounds through percussion, which are often linked to yoga classes and relaxation workshops. You can make it sound in different ways, and it comes accompanied by scores in colours...

    69,95 €
  • Moulin Roty - Shadows The three little pigs Moulin Roty - Shadows The three little pigs
    + 3 years old
    Out of stock

    Moulin Roty - The three little pigs Shadows for Theater -...


    Moulin Roty brings us this set of shadows to play the Chinese shadow game of a lifetime with the story of The Three Little PigsTonight you have a mission: with the silhouettes of the wolf, the blow of the wolf, the straw-and-brick houses, the cauldron and the three little pigs you will have to imagine the most famous story in children's stories. Take one...

    19,90 €
  • Plantoys - Orchard Wooden Xylophone, musical toy Plantoys - Orchard Wooden Xylophone, musical toy
    + 1 year old


    Out of stock

    Plantoys - Orchard Wooden Xylophone, musical toy


    PlanToys brings us from Thailand a beautiful xylophone made of ecological and natural wood designed for the little ones. This fun musical toy is designed to invite little ones to pick it up and start playing. Large (almost 30cm) and in the Orchard colour range, this original xylophone produces sounds that will delight the musicians of tomorrow.Each piece...

    27,50 €
  • HABA - Music Maker Set - Cucutoys HABA - Music Maker Set - Cucutoys
    Free + 2 years old
    Out of stock

    HABA - Music Maker Set - Cucutoys


    Bell, castanet, güiro, drum, tambourine, mini-flute, mini-metalophone and sound cubes.... With these instruments even I feel like experimenting with music!Why do we like them? Low volume, ideal for the little ones Great acoustic effects Encourages musical development

    67,55 €
  • Moulin Roty - Metallophone - Dans la Jungle Moulin Roty - Metallophone - Dans la Jungle
    + 18 months old
    Out of stock

    Moulin Roty - Metallophone - Dans la Jungle


    Multicolor 8-tone xylophone with mallet for budding musicians.Its curved wooden base is illustrated with Zimba the panther with two felt ears.Helps develop a sense of rhythm, motor skills and interest in music in the youngest children. Material: MDF, metal.Product dimensions: 25.5 x 13.5 cm.Age: 18m+

    21,90 €
  • Lilliputiens - Wolf and the 3 little pigs houses Lilliputiens - Wolf and the 3 little pigs houses
    Free + 6 months old
    Out of stock

    Lilliputiens - Wolf and the 3 little pigs houses


    Have fun with Louis the wolf and the three little pigs!Get down to work (never better said) and perform this folk tale for the little ones - you've got everything you need!The little pigs are finger puppets, and the wolf Louis wants to play with them... But they won't let him!The little pigs can hide in their own houses... or in their brothers' houses....

    49,99 €
  • Moulin Roty - Tambourine Coral - Dans la Jungle Moulin Roty - Tambourine Coral - Dans la Jungle
    + 3 years old
    Out of stock

    Moulin Roty - Tambourine Coral - Dans la Jungle


    Wooden tambourine with 4 cymbals, painted pink with a ribbon on the edge and illustrations of the Paloma bird dancing in the jungle. Helps to develop the sense of rhythm, motor skills and interest in music of the little ones.    Material: Wood, plastic and metal.Product dimensions: D:4.5 x Ø:14.5 cm.Age: 3+

    16,90 €
  • HABA - Play Glove Farm - Cucutoys HABA - Play Glove Farm - Cucutoys
    + 18 months old
    Out of stock

    HABA - Play Glove Farm - Cucutoys


    Finger puppets make babies happy - they make time fly by, indoors and outdoors. Each finger brings a different animal or play element to life: sometimes the cow, sometimes the horse, sometimes the tree. With the HABA farm play glove, you can tell great stories to your little one - and it rattles and squeaks! Put on the play glove and let your imagination...

    18,30 €

Musical and theater toys

Musical toys for children

Music is essential in the growth of children, and in CucuToys we want to help your children to develop their full artistic potential. That's why we offer you a great variety of musical toys for children.

In our online shop you can find percussion instruments, stringed instruments and various musical instruments that your children will love. Awaken your children's interest in music and you will see how much fun they will have.

Let your child get close to music and you can get him to learn to follow the rhythm of his favourite songs, discover the romantic side of music and learn to express his emotions through the sounds of musical instruments.

In addition, with our musical ensembles you can have fun, learn to understand colorful scores, learn songs in English, dance and create new rhythms at the same time. Who knows, maybe you'll have a new Beethoven at home!

Musical instruments for development

With the instruments that we offer you in CucuToys, you will get your child to acquire manual skills and practice their motor skills. And don't worry about the age of the child, our instruments are adapted to the size of their hands.

One of the best thing about our musical toys is that their fun colours attract children's attention. And they can also develop a musical sense with the help of colours, because on some instruments they can relate each sound to a different colour.

Choose a guitar from our shop and let your children be amazed to discover that they too are capable of creating music. Let them imagine and dream about their new acquisition.

Percussion instruments

Among the many percussion instruments for children that you can see on our website are the wooden xylophone, the güiro, the percussion drum, the tambourine, the drums, etc.

A great number of possibilities for your children to choose the percussion instrument they like best. And many of them are ideal for early stimulation of babies.

Stringed instruments

If the musical instruments that interest you most are the strings, in our catalogue of instruments for children you have the guitar, the ukulele, the banjo and some more. And the guitar is a stringed instrument that many children want to learn to play.

Choose one of these instruments if you want to encourage the psychomotor development, fine motor skills and coordination of your children. In addition, these instruments promote attention and concentration skills.

Buy online and get your instruments at home

In the CucuToys website you can find all those instruments that your children like. Surf the web and select all the games and toys you like.

Once chosen, click on the cart to make your payment and that's it! Also, take advantage of this opportunity: if you order more than 19 euros, shipping is free. Place your order from the comfort of your home and start enjoying your personal band.
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