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Musical and theater toys

Musical toys for children

Music is essential in the growth of children, and in CucuToys we want to help your children to develop their full artistic potential. That's why we offer you a great variety of musical toys for children.

In our online shop you can find percussion instruments, stringed instruments and various musical instruments that your children will love. Awaken your children's interest in music and you will see how much fun they will have.

Let your child get close to music and you can get him to learn to follow the rhythm of his favourite songs, discover the romantic side of music and learn to express his emotions through the sounds of musical instruments.

In addition, with our musical ensembles you can have fun, learn to understand colorful scores, learn songs in English, dance and create new rhythms at the same time. Who knows, maybe you'll have a new Beethoven at home!

Musical instruments for development

With the instruments that we offer you in CucuToys, you will get your child to acquire manual skills and practice their motor skills. And don't worry about the age of the child, our instruments are adapted to the size of their hands.

One of the best thing about our musical toys is that their fun colours attract children's attention. And they can also develop a musical sense with the help of colours, because on some instruments they can relate each sound to a different colour.

Choose a guitar from our shop and let your children be amazed to discover that they too are capable of creating music. Let them imagine and dream about their new acquisition.

Percussion instruments

Among the many percussion instruments for children that you can see on our website are the wooden xylophone, the güiro, the percussion drum, the tambourine, the drums, etc.

A great number of possibilities for your children to choose the percussion instrument they like best. And many of them are ideal for early stimulation of babies.

Stringed instruments

If the musical instruments that interest you most are the strings, in our catalogue of instruments for children you have the guitar, the ukulele, the banjo and some more. And the guitar is a stringed instrument that many children want to learn to play.

Choose one of these instruments if you want to encourage the psychomotor development, fine motor skills and coordination of your children. In addition, these instruments promote attention and concentration skills.

Buy online and get your instruments at home

In the CucuToys website you can find all those instruments that your children like. Surf the web and select all the games and toys you like.

Once chosen, click on the cart to make your payment and that's it! Also, take advantage of this opportunity: if you order more than 19 euros, shipping is free. Place your order from the comfort of your home and start enjoying your personal band.
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