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Vehicles and diecast cars

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Vehicles and diecast cars

Something that never fail: Vehicles

All children love cars, and we've been through that phase too :)

A diecast vehicle or just any wheeled thing is the perfect excuse to spend hours and hours sliding on surfaces, parking and running around the house.

But at Cucutoys we have not been satisfied with just having natural and ecological wooden cars with an innovative design. We have all kinds of vehicles!

We've got all the vehicles you need

From cars, trucks, cranes, ferries, boats... even rockets. And not only that, also in different scales so that the little ones can ride them and have fun running through the corridors :)

They can have their own garage or tracks to play with their favorite cars. Construction cranes are one of the favourite toys for children in parks. While playing, the limit and the imagination are set by them.

They will be able to choose some toy for the water of the bathtub or the swimming pool so that they entertain themselves while they bathe, imagining that they sail. They will spend hours and hours with friends and parents competing with their boats :)

Quality and ecological materials for your toys

In Cucutoys we are experts in high quality toys, natural materials and durable finishes. That's why all our wooden cars and other items are so special. Pleasant to the touch and resistant and very happy and fun! That's why they will delight the little ones and are ideal as gifts

Have you seen our entire collection of cars and vehicles yet? In our online shop we have the complete range that both young and old like. They will have fun collecting different cars and doing races and circuits among them.

Ask us about all our eco-friendly products and toys, the years that are indicated for each item, our policy and shipping and any information about your purchase that you may need

Shall we have a race?
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