HABA Kullerbü ball tracks

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  • HABA - Kullerbü, Ball Track Dragonland - Cucutoys HABA - Kullerbü, Ball Track Dragonland - Cucutoys
    Free + 2 years old

    HABA - Kullerbü, Ball Track Dragonland - Cucutoys


    Dragon fun for young and old who love HABA Kullerbü ball tracks.In this course the balls go down the spectacular volcano, turn in the funnel and continue on the dizzyingly fast track, through the sophisticated bell tunnel and back to the volcano, where the adventure begins again.

    85,80 €
  • HABA - Kullerbü, ball track circuit Spiral - Cucutoys HABA - Kullerbü, ball track circuit Spiral - Cucutoys
    Free + 2 years old

    HABA - Kullerbü, ball track circuit Spiral - Cucutoys


    The HABA ball track Kullerbü Thread lives up to its name. Several curves provide an extra portion of fun. With just a little push of the ball Paul's ball takes the steep curve, then through the stair gate and finally arrives at the bell gate. With a joyful sound the little bell announces the end of the exciting ride. And if you want to keep on...

    62,95 €
  • HABA - Kullerbü, Tractor with trailer - Cucutoys HABA - Kullerbü, Tractor with trailer - Cucutoys
    + 2 years old

    HABA - Kullerbü, Tractor with trailer - Cucutoys


    The tractor with trailer brings the fun of the animal farm to Kullerbü! The Kullerbü tractor and trailer take you through fields and meadows and along all the Kullerbü playgrounds. It will get the little ones' pulses racing! Very handy: the Kullerbü balls can be transported on the trailer. If you don't need the trailer, you can simply...

    20,50 €

HABA Kullerbü

Do you know the Kullerbü ball tracks?

Kullerbü is a very versatile and eye-catching expandable system, especially designed for children between 2 and 8 years old.

We invite you on a journey through the world of Kullerbü ball tracks. Here you can see what is behind this extraordinary play system and why children love it so much and parents love it so much: from the ingenious assembly system, which makes it easier than ever to assemble these play worlds, to the system of connecting elements that provides maximum stability on the ground and at heights, everything is designed for a full and exciting play experience.

Children grow and develop, don't they? Well, so does Kullerbü. This innovative system has been designed to be assembled and combined with other playgrounds in a versatile way. This creates so many different possibilities, making it a very interesting and varied toy that will be in the family for many years to come. The Kullerbü play system is as colourful and varied as its combination possibilities: This sparks the imagination and creativity of all little Kullerbü builders aged 2 to 8 years and brings even more variety to the game. If you want to extend the track in length or height, you usually need additional "building material", such as more columns, straight lines, curves and connecting elements. All this is included in the Kullerbü extension sets. Each box is illustrated with an assembly example of the ball track it contains. The designers of Kullerbü have worked intensively on this set and have seen how much fun it is to play with, but that is only one of the infinite number of possible set-ups.

Kullerbü offers fun not only in the room, but also in digital form: together with their parents, children can immerse themselves in a world of interactive games and entertain themselves with mini-games of simple rules and short duration. In addition to this, the activity section contains short stories with exciting Kullerbü adventures, as well as "do-it-yourself" content with craft instructions, colouring pictures or pictures where you can find hidden things.

We wish all children and adults a lot of fun discovering the world of Kullerbü games.
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