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The first steps with a walker or ride-on

Children grow up very quickly, and one thing is for sure: there is a wonderful time when they learn to move around and walk, and when we parents and adults have to be on top of them (and almost literally) in order to take care of them and teach them.

Without a doubt, a very simple and easy way to make this important step easier for them and make us feel more at ease is to buy a walker or baby walker. Have you seen the range available in our Cucutoys store? We have years of experience in the best walkers for psychomotor promotion and child development.

What are these walkers for?

It is the best way for them to have fun and start walking, with a support and also to start controlling their limbs and motor activities with less danger. What a beautiful time! We will be able to see how our little one begins little by little to move with greater facility. Our walkers have wheels and are very cheerful and fun, and made with different materials of the best quality. It will serve you as a seat and as a support point with the pressure of your hands while you move and explore more and more.

Some even have a basket or cavity to place different toys and things, with fine finishes and made with care so that it is a unique product and that the little ones love it as just another toy ;)

An easy way to start walking by inventing games and without running from one place to another "groping and running". In Cucutoys we have a wide variety of walkers and strollers that will delight the little ones and parents for their safety and resistance. They can withstand knocks and are safe in less flat areas without any problem. They are also very comfortable and lightweight, an ideal purchase.

At what age can they use a ride-on?

Children begin to walk and between 10 and 12 months, so with a walker you can encourage their movements with freedom to adapt while they are entertained and having fun. In addition our designs are the most fun and colorful, both for girls and boys for their colors, not only blue or pink and even bright colors.

Our riders have very cheerful designs, even in the shape of a car or train!

Don't miss the opportunity to get a walker of the best quality and resistance and start enjoying the first steps of the little ones while they have fun :)

Don't hesitate to ask us for more information about your purchase! Check out all our products and shipping methods. See also our baby range among many other products.
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