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Here at CuCuToys, you will find toys that are durable, made of natural materials, eco-friendly and super safe. We select didactic toys with children in mind. Toys that promote their senses, their imagination and creativity. Toys that promote gender equality, solidarity and tolerance.
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What are our toys like?

At Cucutoys, we are proud to offer responsible and high quality toys. We work with recognized brands such as Lilliputiens, Djeco, PlanToys, Moulin Roty, Haba, UGears, Vilac, Londji, B You and many more. Our toys stand out for their creative and unique designs, as well as for their educational value. In addition, we care about safety and sustainability, so our products meet the highest standards in terms of materials and manufacturing.

Toys for all ages

At Cucutoys, we have toys for all ages. From classic building blocks and cloth dolls for the little ones, to strategy games and challenging puzzles for the older ones. Our games promote cognitive development, improve memory and concentration, and enhance language and communication skills. They also encourage creativity, imagination and strategic decision-making. Whatever your child's age, you'll find the perfect toy at Cucutoys.
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I foster emotional connection in the family?

Playing board games as a family is a great way to foster emotional connection. Team games promote collaboration, conflict resolution and teamwork. In addition, the time spent together during the game strengthens family bonds.

What are the developmental benefits of board games for children?

Board games stimulate children's cognitive development, improving their memory, concentration, language and communication skills. They also promote creativity, imagination and strategic decision-making. In addition, they help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

What brands of toys do you offer at Cucutoys?

At Cucutoys we offer a wide variety of toy brands, including Lilliputiens, Djeco, PlanToys, Moulin Roty, Haba, UGears, Vilac, Londji, B You, Tambu, Crocodile Creek, Yookidoo, Dodoland, Ludi, Marbushka, Greentoys, Little Dutch, Sumblox and Yvolution. These brands stand out for the quality and innovation of their products, as well as for their focus on education and sustainability.

How can I buy toys at Cucutoys?

You can buy toys at Cucutoys through our online storeor in our physical store in Madrid. Browse our wide selection of toys, choose the ones you like the most and add them to your shopping cart. Then, follow the checkout process to complete your purchase. We also offer fast shipping and exceptional customer service.
We hope this information has answered your questions. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to let us know - we're here to help!
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