Construction from Djeco Zig & Go

Construction, from Djeco Zig&Go

A great introductory toy for learning STEM concepts such as gravity, force and momentum, and how they can create a chain reaction.
Let yourself be seduced by these chain reaction building games from Djeco.
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Construction from Djeco Zig & Go

Newton's third law goes live. Every action has a reaction, and this is the clear proof of it.

Build impressive creative circuits with Djeco's Zig & Go. Thousands of possibilities at your fingertips.

Combine circuits to make them bigger, with more connections and components. Leave your friends and family open-mouthed. They won't want to miss out on how your circuits work, and they'll help you improve them.

Enjoy watching the ball run through the circuit filled with components and accessories, each of them even cooler.

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