Gonzalo e Ivan

CuCuCuToys are Iván and Gonzalo, two man who are aware of respect for the environment, toys educational values and with a desire to learn and help others. We are also parents of families with children, who one day looked for different, original, quality toys that convey values and were ecological.
That is why we decided to start this project up, because we know how difficult it can be to find the right toy, with ecological and durable materials, that stimulate imagination, creativity, sociability, tolerance and sustainable development.
What's better than watching a happy kid play? We know first-hand how important Play is to children. We have seen it, and we see it continuously in our little ones.
Our children learns through play, evolve and develop themselves. And through toys we show them how the world works.

What other have to say about us?

Tienda online de Juguetes Educativos y Didácticos

Responsible Toys. Because with toys children learns by playing.

What do you want them to learn?

Gonzalo and Ivan


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