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Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles for children

At CucuToys we are delighted to offer you the best selection of toys for your children. And what's better to have fun with the little ones than with wooden puzzles? Here, in our online shop, you can find all the wooden puzzles you are interested in.

Our puzzles are from the brands BeginAgain, Haba and PlanToys, 100% ecological and sustainable. Browse our extensive catalogue of wooden toys and buy fun, safe and durable puzzles for your little ones to learn while they play.

All our puzzles are sturdy and environmentally friendly and we also have jigsaw puzzles that are the right size for children's hands so they can play and be entertained with puzzle pieces that are made to fit.

Learning in a fun way with puzzles

The educational games in our online shop, such as wooden puzzles, are toys with which your children can learn the ordinal and Roman numerals, colours, the letters of the alphabet, the life cycle of chickens, the different animals, etc. You can also choose an English food puzzle for your children to learn basic words of the language through play.

If you choose this type of jigsaw puzzle for kids you can help your children develop their learning through number knowledge. Puzzles like the ones we have at CucuToys, are an excellent first contact for the basic learning of young children.

In addition, our puzzles stimulate the imagination and provide many possibilities for play. Some of the puzzles on our website are made up of stackable cubes, with which you can play with them and create structures. And if you want an easy puzzle for children just a few months old, there are also some puzzles with easy-to-fit pieces.

Dive into our wooden puzzles section and choose a puzzle with rockets, a puzzle with cars or submarines, if you want your child not only to strengthen coordination and fine motor skills, but also to develop their imagination.

Enjoy the charm of an antique puzzle and have as much fun with our puzzles as your children.

Buy wooden jigsaw puzzles online

Once you have seen the great selection of puzzles with wooden pieces that we have at CucuToys, select the puzzle that you like the most and buy it through our website.

If you order online, you can receive your puzzle at home the next day. But that's not all, if you buy a puzzle and other toys worth more than €60, shipping is completely free.

Rediscover the charm of classic games and teach your children a wonderful way to spend their free time. You can simply purchase your puzzle online and wait for it to arrive at your home.

If you have any questions when buying a wooden puzzle in our shop, please contact us by phone or via email.

We will be happy to help you out!
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