In 2016, thanks to sharing a flat, the chemistry between Charlie, still a student and a born entrepreneur, and Guillaume, whose restless and creative mind led him from working as a marketing consultant to making documentaries in the most remote corners of the world, did not take long to develop.
Spontaneously, Charlie, a tennis player convinced by alternative medicine, and Guillaume, a former insomniac converted to meditation, decided to combine their experiences, passions and convictions to help as many people as possible to discover the benefits of relaxation in everyday life.

Two years later, and as a result of extensive research in collaboration with designers and sleep professionals (sophrologists, doctors and sleep centres), Morphée was born to soothe our nights, naturally combining meditation and disconnection.

In 2020, the family expanded with the arrival of Mon Petit Morphée, bringing the benefits of meditation to the youngest children.

In 2021, Morphée Zen arrived on the scene! In the guise of a wandering pebble, it allows everyone, anywhere and at any time of the day, to take a real break, calm down quickly and manage stress in an instant.
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  • Morphée Morphée
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    Morphée is a relaxation and rest device made of natural wood, designed for those who do not fall asleep easily, suffer from early night awakenings or simply seek relaxation after a stressful day. It allows you to switch off from the day, relax your body and calm your mind.Designed to be listened to in bed, at bedtime or during awakenings, the 210...

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  • Morphée Morphée

    Morphée Zen


    Morphée Zen is your new ally for deep rest, designed by relaxation professionals (sophrologists, hypnotherapists and psychologists).It allows you to find moments of peace and tranquillity at any time of the day. In addition to the immediate calm it offers, Morphée Zen can reduce anxiety levels.It contains 72 5-minute relaxation, meditation...

    69,95 €
  • My little Morphée My little Morphée

    My little Morphée (ES,EN,FR,DE)


    My Little Morphee is a device designed specifically for children, both for those who have difficulty falling asleep and those who just want to relax after a busy day.It helps them fall asleep quickly and enjoy a deep sleep without connection, waves or screens.Meditation and relaxing stories. Meditative journeys help children fall asleep and create a deep,...

    89,95 €


En 2016, gracias a que compartían piso, la química entre Charlie, todavía estudiante y emprendedor nato, y Guillaume, cuya mente inquieta y creativa le llevó de ejercer de consultor de marketing a realizar documentales en los rincones más recónditos del planeta, no se hizo esperar. 
De manera espontánea, Charlie, tenista convencido por la medicina alternativa, y Guillaume, antiguo insomne convertido a la meditación, decidieron unir sus experiencias, pasiones y convicciones para ayudar al mayor número posible de personas a descubrir los beneficios de la relajación en la vida cotidiana.

Dos años más tarde, y como resultado de una amplia investigación en colaboración con diseñadores y profesionales del sueño (sofrólogos, médicos y centros del sueño), nació Morphée para calmar nuestras noches, combinando de forma natural meditación y desconexión.

En 2020, la familia se amplió con la llegada de Mon Petit Morphée, acercando a los más pequeños los beneficios de la meditación.

En 2021, ¡entra en escena Morphée Zen! Bajo la apariencia de una piedrecita errante, permite a todo el mundo, en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento del día, tomarse un verdadero descanso, calmarse rápidamente y controlar el estrés en un instante.

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