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Clay & Dough Tools and playsets

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Clay & Dough Tools and playsets

An essential! The Plasticine

Who hasn't played in school with this colorful mass? Clay is something very simple but very valuable at the same time. Not only does it entertain and be fun, but it helps to develop many qualities.
That's why at Cucutoys we didn't want to pass up the opportunity to offer you our best clay-related products :)
You can buy the normal plasticine in any specialized shop. In Cucutoys we have many accessories to mold and create new and fantastic games with it. They set the limits!

A very simple way to create and grow in fine motor skills and creativity

Just like drawing, playing with play dough helps develop creativity and a sense of figure at a very early age. In this case the child is given something physical to touch, knead, squeeze and shape, and it is very soft and pleasant to the touch. With the plasticine they also experience a certain freedom in which they can make characters and shapes as they wish.
How much fun you will have collecting colours! Cucutoys also has moulds to facilitate your creation process with Plasticine. We also have aprons to play with plasticine, especially indicated so that they do not get dirty while you have fun and learn while playing :)

Themed games to create and have fun with clay

At Cucutoys we love them, that's why we wanted to have the best items and themed games to play with clay. You can create your own bakery, fill the sea with fishes, make animals for the forest and even create your own princesses... and much more! You can also make your own pet to decorate the room in the funniest way :)
At Cucutoys we are experts in specialized toys by age, we have the best quality with the best price and your online purchase and shipping are guaranteed.

Ready to choose your very own clay?
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