Gravitrax - Interactive track system from Ravensburger


Build an exciting track with these marble circuits and roll the marbles to the end by using the principles of magnetism, kinetic energy and the gravitational force.
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Gravitrax - Interactive track system from Ravensburger

Have you ever played a marble circuit? But what you haven't managed to do is to make an endless circuit, in which thanks to the auxiliary systems of the basic circuit the marbles go up and down continuously.
With the Ravensburger Gravitrax system you will experience the power of gravity.
Build endless circuits with stunning loopings, catapults that propel the marbles, elevators that raise the level, hammers that when hitting the marble shoot out with new energy, or trampolines that bounce the marbles to fall right in the right place.

If you want to try out new tracks, use the Gravitrax app for your IOS or Android devices for free and create a thousand new designs.

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