dëna dëna Juguetes

Childhood shows us that sophisticated toys are not needed to enjoy and be happy.

At dëna they believe it is best to offer them fewer, but quality, toys that are extremely safe and that encourage their full physical, cognitive and emotional development.

And so do we. :-)

List of products by manufacturer dëna


We've got many reasons why we like dëna's toys, but here we want to give you just 4:

  • Safe and fun: to enjoy from 10 months to 6 years or more

  • Versatile: they can be used first as a biter, then as an educational stackable toy and then for family cooking.

  • Open-ended Play: They allow a free and unrestricted play, encourage creativity and full psychomotor development.

  • Eco: They believe in ecology and not in the culture of use and disposal, so they make very resistant toys that you can enjoy and keep for a long time.

dëna toys last, are soft, colorful, with a pleasant texture, and can even be used for cooking!
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