Science for You, S.L. is a company that currently has two distinct business areas: Toys (Production, development and marketing), and Training (Birthday parties, Holiday activities, Training courses and Scientific animation).
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  • Coche eólico Coche eólico
    -5% + 10 years old



    Science4You - Juguete coche eólico, juguete educativo


    Descubre cómo funciona un coche impulsado por el viento. Entenderás mejor la importancia de esta energía amigable con el medio ambiente. Con la lectura del interesante libro educativo que trae este kit, aprenderemos un poco más sobre la energía eólica, y cómo nos puede ayudar a producir una...

    14,24 € 14,99 € -5%


Its objective is to sensitize and train children and citizens in general in relation to the experimental sciences that occur in their daily lives. It wants to be a reference company in the market of kits, scientific toys and training, with the idea of providing everyone a contact with experimental sciences.

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