The Swedish brand BRIO specializes in the manufacture of wooden toys of the highest quality. BRIO wooden trains are the best on the market, and all other manufacturers are compatible with BRIO. In addition to wooden trains, it has classic balance games such as pinball or wooden mazes.

Since its foundation, the company follows the vision "Inspiring young minds". With a clear and simple design, the only limit for children is their own fantasy.

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  • BRIO - Laberinto Portátil BRIO - Laberinto Portátil
    -15% + 3 years old

    BRIO - Laberinto Portátil


    25,49 € 29,99 € -15%
  • Brio - Pinball "Challenge" - Cucutoys Brio - Pinball "Challenge" - Cucutoys
    Free + 6 years old

    Brio - Pinball "Challenge" - Cucutoys


    Pinball Challenge is an exciting two-player game with a mix of beautiful design and fun features. You'll have to be quick with the flippers to score a goal against your opponent - best out of five wins. And when you want to increase the difficulty, add the spinners to change the speed of the steel marble and redirect it in unexpected ways. Once the game...

    42,00 €
    0 1 2 3 4 1 Opiniones 
  • Brio - Pinball "Trickshot" - Cucutoys Brio - Pinball "Trickshot" - Cucutoys
    Free -5% + 6 years old

    Brio - Pinball "Trickshot" - Cucutoys


    Can you make the best trick shot? Take the challenge with Brio's Trickshot! Aim and shoot: Line up your target at the perfect angle, pull back the shooter's pin just enough and release. Five metal balls are included for you to shoot into the dot holes. Watch them reappear in the dot tray automatically and see how many points you can accumulate. Increase...

    42,66 € 44,90 € -5%


Trust and joy are the core values of the BRIO brand. For BRIO, trust means quality, safety, responsibility and education.
Parents' trust, children's love is one of BRIO's key pillars. This phrase also contains the second core value of the brand: BRIO wants to make children happy, using playful elements to put a smile on their faces.
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