BioBUDDi firmly believes that it is possible to play and have fun with toys without harming the environment. That is why they produce environmentally friendly toys for children.

The blocks that BioBUDDi brings us from Holland are Eco-friendly, 100% safe, fun, durable, educational and easy to clean building blocks made from sugar cane.
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  • Biobuddi - Bloques de construcción Aprende los Números 27 piezas Biobuddi - Bloques de construcción Aprende los Números 27 piezas
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    Biobuddi - Bloques de construcción Aprende las Letras 36...


    Aprendiendo los Letras. Este fabuloso pack de 36 piezas de Biobuddi es ideal para reconocer las letras deletrear su nombre y hasta alguna palabra sencilla de una forma muy divertida. Aprender a leer y escribir es una de las habilidades que tenemos que aprender y que mejor forma que empezar a hacerlo jugando. Únelo a otros packs para hacer...

    19,44 € 21,60 € -10%


Biobuddi building blocks are produced from sugar cane. Sugar cane plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow. Sugar cane plantations are used for a wide range of products, from food, clothing... to medicines. But not all of the plant is used. The leftover remains are processed and converted into an ECO plastic from which Biobuddi blocks are made.

The BioBUDDI system is 100% compatible with Lego® Duplo®.

A plant-based, safe, durable, recyclable product for a better world.
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