Toys and games for girls and boys from 8 to 9 years old.

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  • Sentosphere - Candles of the flora Sentosphere - Candles of the flora
    Free + 8 years old


    Out of stock

    Sentosphere - Candles of the flora


    This creative kit for making natural candles allows you to make candles with 100% natural materials (stearin). The result is easier to obtain, as the wax will melt quickly in a bain-marie without the need for high temperatures.These candles can be multi-coloured, thanks to the dyes available in the kit, which can be mixed together! A creative activity for...

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  • Sentosphere - Soaps and scents Nature Sentosphere - Soaps and scents Nature
    Free + 8 years old


    Out of stock

    Sentosphere - Soaps and scents Nature


    Let's make our own soap this afternoon!No more fights when it comes to washing their hands, now with their own soap they will be the ones who want to wash their hands all the time. The soap foundation melts in a matter of seconds in the microwave.When it is liquid (ask an adult for help, because it burns a little), add a few drops of colouring and perfume...

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  • Mercurio - Pelusas, board game Mercurio - Pelusas, board game
    + 8 years old
    Out of stock

    Mercurio - Pelusas, board game


    Lint loves to accumulate, but any draught of air can blow them away in one fell swoop... Collect lint to score points, but don't collect too many, or you could lose all your winnings! Draw cards to score points and decide whether to stop... or keep on drawing... lint!But... be careful, you risk having to discard all your cards, so...Try your luck, and...

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  • Djeco - Large transparent umbrella with wild birds Djeco - Large transparent umbrella with wild birds
    + 8 years old
    Out of stock

    Djeco - Large transparent umbrella with wild birds


    It's raining! Open your umbrella and walk around without getting wet with the large transparent umbrella from Wild Birds.Ideal for older children due to its size, made of semi-transparent plastic, with a fibreglass frame, textile finish and matt plastic handle.With manual opening and safety protection system to protect fingers.Product measurements: ø80x75 cm

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8 to 9 year old girls and boys

Toys from 8 to 9 years old, the age of greatest development.

In Cucutoys we wanted to adapt our toys and games to all ages and needs, so we could not miss this important age range. Between 8 and 9 years old is the time when most changes occur and the main traits and ways of thinking that children will have as adults are defined. This process is also called "synaptic pruning".

The processes of logic, reasoning and creativity are very important points, so we enter into more advanced board games, introduction to music and harmony as well as toys that we already found in previous ages.

What is the purpose of a toy for an 8 to 9 year old child?

At this stage children have already developed the whole dimension of logical play, the creative and expressive part. That's why we enter a strong phase of creativity and development.

It is a good time for more arts and crafts, painting, music, learning languages, geography and general culture.

Mathematics starts to be one of the most important points to focus on during this age period.

What kind of toys are ideal for this age group?

 As in the previous period, certain bases of logic and creativity are stimulated. If you are thinking of buying a game or toy for an 8 to 9 year old child, at Cucutoys we have all the ones you can imagine, they will love them! And it's still very important that during the same playtime, they develop their full creative and reasoning potential at this age.

Our selection of games and toys for children from 8 to 9 years meet the necessary qualities that according to psycho-pedagogues should have the games and toys in this age range. Ideal for school and educational centers, as well as for private use :)

We have the best quality. While other brands cut costs, we decided to look for natural, simple and authentic toys. From the first months to the last stages of child development, at Cucutoys we have the best educational toys for all ages!

They will spend hours developing their full potential with Cucutoys toys and games!

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