PlanToys: Sustainability through Play

  • PlanHome
    In 2015 Plantoys launched PlanHome in hopes of inspiring families to make Plantoys' multi-functional furniture part of their daily lives.
  • PlanMini
    In 2017 the PlanMini products are introduced, encouraging easy, on-the-go play that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Active Play
    In 2009 the Plantoys Walking Elephant comes to live. 
    A live-like active toy that mimics the movement of a real elephant! Children can take a realistic ride on the elephant by rocking left and right. Partial profits from Walking Elephant sales are donated to the save elephant...
  • Learning and Education
    In 1982 Plantoys designs the Hammer Peg and Geometric Sorting Board to support children's ability yo problem solve, think logically, creatively express themselves and explore basic mathematical skills
  • Games and Puzzles
    In 2000 the Balancing Cactus is introduced as one of the most unique educational playthings on the market, and remains Plantoys' most recognized product to date. In 2016, the toy is selected for inclusion in the JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol. 18. It then goes on to receive the German Design...
  • Water Play
    In 20214 Plantoys becomes the first wooden toy manufacturer to produce wooden toys that can be played with in water. Each Planwood Water Toy passes through a special thermal process that results in a high-density, durable object for dynamic sensory play.
  • Babies
    In 1992 PlanToys designs and produces the Shape Sorter - A baby toy that has been a top seller since its creation. Althought the toy's appearance has been updated, its original purpose of enhancing fine motor skills and stimulating cognitive development remains the same.
  • Push & Pull
    In 1999 we launched the Dancing Aligator. With a catchy design and a playful character, the toy remains an icon today. Inspired by the Clatter, our musical toy that makes a sound when toggled up and down, the original dancing aligator is created by using leftover wood pieces to mimic the...
  • Music
    Since day one, we've been producing toys in the Music play category in an effort to support children in their creative and emotional expression. 100% natural rubber and rubberwood are used to produce these musical instruments. Recently we launched the Drum Set, the first wooden toy drum set to be...
  • Blocks & Construction
    In 1982 Plantoys wooden blocks are released to encourage development through free play imaginatively and openly. In 2020, we redesigned our Castle Blocks to match our newest color scheme, the Orchard Collection.
  • Pretend Play
    In 1990 Plantoys produces the first prefabricated doll house in the world. The My First Dollhouse allows customers to assemble it on their own using only 10 screws! Its prefabricated design also makes it an easy and sustainable toy for shipping.


40 years making wooden toys. That's saying something ;-)

What does Sustainable Play mean to Plantoys?
Plantoys defines it as "A way to improve life through play and to promote positivity in oneself, society and the environment".

For them, Play (with capital letters) is:
  • Beneficial to oneself: It helps one to develop emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually.
  • Beneficial for society: It encourages people to improve themselves day by day, through volunteering, relationship with nature and relationships with people.
  • Beneficial for the environment: Promotes the relationship with nature and encourages positive and environmentally friendly living.
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