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Djeco - Piou Piou, card game

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Game Instructions

Djeco brings us this nice game of chickie cards. Try to hatch 3 eggs to get the 3 chicks that will make you win the game. How? First collect a chicken, a rooster and a nest to be able to take an egg from the center of the table. Once you have the egg, get two hens to hatch, turn the egg around and make it the chick. Make sure the fox doesn't get there and steal your eggs!

Why do we like it?
  • Simple strategy games like this one by Djeco exercise memory and long-term thinking
Recommended age: 5-99 years old
No. of players: 2 to 5
No. of letters: 47
No. of eggs: 18
Playing time: 10 min.

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Find the complete instructions for the game right here, a little further down.

Djeco is a family business, founded in 1954 and passed on from mother to son. A perennial company where the only key words are: Creativity, Boldness and Passion. In the year 1995 they are focused on the manufacturing of educational toys.

Safety is not a game for Djeco. All their toys are subject to strict controls and a series of tests and adaptation to the standards, in order to guarantee absolute safety for children. Thanks to this, its products are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Djeco has an important team dedicated to continuous creation at its Parisian headquarters, where they create toys to enhance children's imagination through play.

Este producto incluye marcado CE de conformidad con la legislación europea.


Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Djeco es una empresa familiar, transmitida de madre a hijo. Una empresa perenne donde las únicas palabras clave son: Creatividad, Audacia y Pasión.

La seguridad no es un juego para Djeco. Todos sus juguetes están sometidos a controles estrictos y a una serie de pruebas y adecuación a las normas, con el fin de garantizar una seguridad absoluta para los niños.

Djeco es un importante equipo dedicado a la creación. Se puede decir que Djeco es ¡un torbellino colectivo!

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