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HABA - In a Flash Firefighters - Cucutoys

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Game Instructions

What a tragedy! Rudi's farm is on fire!
But it's okay, because the firemen's patrol is already coming fast and furious.
Can you help them? You can't let the hose out of your sight, and you'll have to put the right pieces in their fire hydrants to get to the fire quickly. The one who succeeds will get a medal, and the first one who gets three will win the game!

A great little game that brings fun for everyone: everyone participates at once!

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  • 4 game boards (composed of two parts)
  • 60 hose tiles
  • 5 starting tiles
  • 9 firefighting medals
  • 1 water hose nozzle tile
  • 4 wooden fire hydrants
  • 1 game instructions.
How to play?
Each player is given a board, and the fire hydrants are placed in the holes and the exit pieces are placed on top. The rest of the materials are placed in the center of the table.
At the sound of a fire alarm, everyone will look for the appropriate pieces and place them on their board, making the hose longer, from left to right.
Did you get to the fire with your hose? Place the token "water goes!" and say it out loud. You've earned a medal, and that round is over.
Are you the best in the round? Move your fire hydrant to the left. Are you the furthest? Move your hydrant to the right. You pass the starting chip and start a new round.
The first one to win 3 medals wins the game!

Author: Rudi Biber
Illustrator: Pascal Nöldner

Number of players: 2 to 4 people
Duration of the game from: 15 min
From 5 to 99 years old

Attention: Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Small parts. Risk of suffocation.

Made in Germany.

HABA products are made of ecological wood, coming from the sustainable forestry of the forests within a radius of less than 150km around the factory and with the PEFC seal that certifies it.

In their manufacture, chemical-free and water-based varnishes are used, so that the toys can pass from hand to mouth without any danger to our little ones.

Cardboard is an environmentally friendly material because it comes from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Tested under the strictest quality standards DIN EN ISO 9001, with special care in the selection and processing of materials. Both in the selection of materials and in the processing, ecology and environment are very present and are values that are transmitted with the product.

This toy follows the principles of Montessori philosophy and education. Here the protagonists are the senses. Dr. Montessori said that "the hand is the instrument of intelligence. And it is through the senses that we can clearly understand abstract concepts"

Este producto incluye marcado CE de conformidad con la legislación europea.


Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


HABA: Toys for curious minds.

HABA toys are synonymous with quality. HABA is a leading German wood toy company known for the high quality of its products for babies and children, children's games and furniture.

His board games are famous:

The Orchard, My First Treasure of Games, Animal upon animal, Monza, SuperRino, and many more.

As they see their mission as "complete equipment" for children, they extend their product range beyond the wood sector, always with the same high quality standards. Thus, they also offer costume jewellery, porcelain and textile articles. HABA's products are available in the best toy retail outlets around the world.

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