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HABA - Magnetic game Orchard
  • HABA - Magnetic game Orchard
  • HABA - Magnetic game Orchard
  • HABA - Magnetic game Orchard
  • HABA - Magnetic game Orchard

HABA - Magnetic game Orchard

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24,99 €

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The friends of "Orchard" have a lot of fun with this magnetic game. They can move, count and sort the little balls by colour using the magnetic stick.
The coloured balls represent the apples, plums, pears and cherries that can be harvested.
that can be harvested. But be careful, the black ball represents the crow and cannot go into the fruit basket! 
This game makes it easy to start conversations with the children, to talk about fruit varieties, harvesting and healthy eating.

Why do we like it?
  • Encourages counting and sorting of colours
  • Promotes fine motor skills and concentration

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  • 2 years old
    2 years old

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HABA has expanded its product manufacturing to a wide range of countries, and its global manufacturers are carefully selected. They make regular visits to the factories and check the quality of their final product. Those made of fabric or plastic are produced by manufacturers who are inspected according to strict criteria, such as social benefits, working hours, working conditions and child labour.

You can trust HABA even when it doesn't say "Made in Germany" on the box.

The cardboard is an environmentally friendly material because it comes from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Tested according to the strictest DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards, with special care taken in the selection and processing of materials. Both in the selection of materials and in the processing, ecology and the environment are very present and are values that are transmitted with the product.

This product includes CE marking in accordance with European legislation.


Not suitable for children under 18 months. Long rope/long chain. Risk of strangulation


HABA: Toys for curious minds.

HABA toys are synonymous with quality. HABA is a leading German wood toy company known for the high quality of its products for babies and children, children's games and furniture.

His board games are famous:

The Orchard, My First Treasure of Games, Animal upon animal, Monza, SuperRino, and many more.

As they see their mission as "complete equipment" for children, they extend their product range beyond the wood sector, always with the same high quality standards. Thus, they also offer costume jewellery, porcelain and textile articles. HABA's products are available in the best toy retail outlets around the world.

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