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Mercurio - Anubixx, board game

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Anubixx: Build your Egyptian empire in this exciting roll & write game!

Anubixx is an exciting board game where everyone can build at the same time. Imagine erecting majestic structures in ancient Egypt without waiting for your turn. Roll the dice, build on the pyramid, the triumphal arch or the relief on the ground. But be careful, don't waste your valuable stones! The goal is to win the Pharaoh's favor by strategic construction - all in quick games of about 20 minutes!

Build majestic structures in Anubixx without waiting, everyone can build every time the dice are rolled! Win the Pharaoh's favor and don't waste your precious stones. Discover this board game set in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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Anubixx is an exciting board game that combines the thrill of building with the strategy of dice.

Features of Anubixx:

  • Age: From 8 years old.
  • Players: From 2 to 5.
  • Playing time: Each game lasts approximately 20 minutes.
  • Game mechanics: Dice rolling, pattern recognition, strategy.

How to play Anubixx:

  • Each player takes a sheet from the 6 available and a pencil.
  • Use as many joker stones as there are players in the game.
Throwing dice:
  • In games with 2 players, 3 dice are used. With 3 or more players, 4 dice are used.
  • The active player rolls all dice.
  • Mark with a cross up to two squares of the color of the dice.
  • Follow the rules of construction according to the chosen structure:
    • Ground Relief: Mark two adjacent and orthogonal stones.
    • Pyramid: Mark one or two stones, starting from the lowest level. To mark a higher level stone, the two lower stones must be marked.
    • Triumphal Arch: Mark one or two stones on the column, which is built from the bottom. Both columns must be finished to mark the capstone.
Quarry and dice:
  • If there is no die of the desired color, cross out a joker stone or one of the same color as the quarry.
  • Colored stones are crossed off from left to right.
  • Be the best foreman by proving your worth in Anubixx construction!
In short, build wisely and win the Pharaoh's favor in quick games of about 20 minutes!

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