Plantoys - Colmena de abejas de madera, juguete educativo Expand
Plantoys - Colmena de abejas de madera, juguete educativo
  • Plantoys - Colmena de abejas de madera, juguete educativo
  • Plantoys - Colmena de abejas de madera, juguete educativo
  • Plantoys - Colmena de abejas de madera, juguete educativo

Plantoys - Wooden beehive, educational toy

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These little bees need help getting back to their hive! But be careful! You can't touch them with your fingers or they'll sting you. Use the tweezers to put each one in its place.

PlanToys brings us this educational game from Thailand so that children can improve their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills while using their imagination and matching colors. Hours of fun with these friendly friends.

Why do we like it?
  • Develops fine motor skills.
  • Made of 100% ecological wood
  • Very attractive design, the little bees are very cute.

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Age according to manufacturer

  • 3 years old
    3 years old

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To foster

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This eco-friendly toy is made from clean, natural, pressed rubber wood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex. It also contains PlanWood, which is a very resistant material made from the pressed sawdust left over from the wood cutting process. To keep this wood pure, a chemical-free process is used to dry it. The glues used in its manufacture are free of formaldehyde, and only non-toxic vegetable dyes based on soy and water are used. It encourages sustainable play, which is the basis for the development of creative minds and for bringing children closer to nature. Our children will grow up knowing and respecting the preservation of natural resources for future generations and between us all we will have a better world.

This toy is 100% sustainable.
All the packaging is cardboard and paper and goes into the blue container.
Size (cm): 18,8 x 7,5 x 14

This toy follows the principles of Montessori philosophy and education. Here the protagonists are the senses. Dr. Montessori said that "the hand is the instrument of intelligence. And it is through the senses that we can clearly understand abstract concepts"


For over 30 years, PlanToys has been consistently developing its products and activities, with the firm commitment a company has never made before to positively contribute to the world. From best practices and beyond with innovation and creativity in toy processing and design, PlanToys Sustainable play is the foundation of how our toys cultivate creative minds, and bring nature closer to children. Our children will grow up with the knowledge and appreciation to respect the preservation of natural resources for future generations, knowing that they can make this world a better place. Plantoys has earned global recognition, and has diversified its philosophy with natural aesthetic quality through wooden toys.

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