Sumblox - Mini Block Basic Set Expand
Sumblox - Mini Block Basic Set
  • Sumblox - Mini Block Basic Set
  • Sumblox - Mini Block Basic Set
  • Sumblox - Mini Block Basic Set
  • Sumblox - Mini Block Basic Set
  • Sumblox - Mini Block Basic Set
  • Sumblox - Mini Block Basic Set

Sumblox - Mini Block Basic Set

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Sumblox is a revolutionary and innovative set of 80 wooden numbers for creative building and imagination.
Each piece is the physical representation of each number, so children learn the numbers, their meaning and value as they play by building or stacking.
The mini size is the most appropriate for the youngest children's hands. Each number measures the same as its value. For example, 5, measures 5cm.
Why do we like it?
  • It teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and even operations with fractions.
  • The concept of height = value allows you to check the correct answer without help.
  • It has 80 cards with fun activities to learn by playing in a simple and playful way.
Recommended age: from 5 to 12 years old 

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Each starter set contains 80 number blocks in a solid beech wood box.
  • 2 of 10
  • 4 of 9
  • 4 of 8
  • 4 of 7
  • 4 of 6
  • 4 of 5
  • 6 of 4
  • 8 of 3
  • 12 of 2
  • 32 of 1
  • 80 activity cards
Box size: 28,2 x 26,3 x 11 cm
Height of the pieces: 1x (No. 1 is 1 cm, No. 2 is 2 cm, No. 3 is 3 cm, and so on).

2 play modes that will make you love maths
  • CREATIVE MODE: make creative constructions. There are no limits, you can create large buildings or the most original figures.
  • LEARN BY PLAYING MODE: It is designed in such a way that the value of each number is represented by its height. The higher the piece, the higher its value.
Sumblox is a manipulative maths game ideal for use at school to introduce basic mathematical concepts.
All its educational and play value can be used in school work, and introduce the learning of mathematics.
Playing with Sumblox has no limits. You can create large constructions, and even form words. The numbers are made of solid beech.
With Sumblox, play by learning, learn by playing!

*NOTE: The video of this product corresponds to the 47-piece Family Starter Set. This starter set contains 80 mini-sized pieces.

This product includes CE marking in accordance with European legislation.


Small parts risk of suffocation.
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


The concept of "the higher the value, the higher the height" means that the learning curve is zero and children are introduced to manipulative maths in no time.

Learning to count, add, subtract, multiply and much more is as easy as stacking building blocks. SumBlox are stacking blocks in the shapes of numbers, made from solid beech wood and designed to improve number skills and make learning more accessible, more fun and more exciting.

They encourage hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills.

The smaller SumBlox sets will introduce children to learning with SumBlox and the larger sets will allow for exploration of more complex concepts and greater cooperation with other learners.
The learning potential with building blocks is endless, and the freedom to create something beautiful is only limited by the imagination.

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