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  • GOKI - Campanas multicolores metálicas GOKI - Campanas multicolores metálicas
    Free + 3 years old New

    GOKI - Campanas multicolores metálicas


    A very special toy of 8 mini musical tone bells where each one has a different musical tone.Each bell is numbered with its tone on the plastic handle, and is of a different colour, so you know where it is placed in the chromatic scale. From the note C (1) to C+ (8). Ideal for introducing children to music education. Includes a booklet with the score of 8...

    34,79 €
  • Magic magnetic cube, skill game Magic magnetic cube, skill game
    + 5 years old
    Out of stock

    Magic magnetic cube, skill game


    The Magnetic Magic Cube is a game of reasoning, concentration and also mental acuity, which will surely become a great fun for those who love challenges. Each cube has 7 magnetic and transparent pieces, similar to the famous "Tetris" game, but in 3D and with a different structure each one, and 108 cards with challenges to build.Do you dare to solve them all?

    14,95 €
  • Star Max - Magnetic puzzle, skill game Star Max - Magnetic puzzle, skill game
    + 8 years old
    Out of stock

    Star Max - Magnetic puzzle, skill game


    STARMAX, a fascinating cube, manipulable like no other, does the unseen. It looks like magic.Built from connected polygons (like a kaleidoscope) that fold together in the shape of a ring, like a kind of multidimensional origami. Each segment contains a set of magnets that, when combined, create geometric shapes and spectacular images.

    14,95 €

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