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  • Little Dutch - Stackable cubes Pink - Cucutoys Little Dutch - Stackable cubes Pink - Cucutoys
    + 1 year old New

    Little Dutch - Stackable cubes Pink - Cucutoys


    How high will the tower be? This stacking game challenges your child to place the cubes one by one. You'll see when it's all assembled! And what fun it is to throw it and see all the pieces fall down! We don't know what they'll like best!Hours of fun guaranteed. Your little one will have a great time playing with this pinky stackable...

    19,51 €
  • Lilliputiens - Ignace Stackable pyramid Lilliputiens - Ignace Stackable pyramid
    + 1 year old

    Lilliputiens - Ignace Stackable pyramid


    Lilliputiens brings us this fun stackable Ignace for children aged 12 months and up, which helps to improve their fine motor skills. Stack the components in a creative way. The different materials and colours of each ring stimulate the senses.You can play at stacking with your little one, each one taking a piece, and when he/she's done with the game, you...

    20,99 €
  • Lilliputiens - Noa, muñeco de peluche Lilliputiens - Noa, muñeco de peluche
    + 1 year old
    Out of stock

    Lilliputiens - Alice Stackable pyramid


    20,99 €
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  • Djeco - 1234 Basic, puzzle game
    + 1 year old + 2 years old
    Out of stock

    Djeco - 1234 Basic, puzzle game


    Practice counting, colours and basic shapes with the 1234 basic by Djeco. A very simple natural wood puzzle, ideal for 1 year olds.Why do we like it? Develops visual and manual coordination, logical thinking and knowledge of colours and shapes. Encourages imagination and creativity.

    16,50 €

Stacking & Nesting Toys

Stackable and nestable baby toys

Through these toys, babies begin to assimilate the basic notions to understand the world around them. They begin to acquire spatial concepts such as volumes and sizes and their shapes (high-short-low-long), and help them develop their motor skills, especially fine motor skills by manipulating pieces, and gross motor skills by being balanced to stand upright while playing.
Through the habit of sorting and classifying, they lay the foundation for being more organized. They can also be used as serial games. These toys have many advantages for their integral development.

Best materials, for best quality

At Cucutoys we have the best stackable baby buckets, because they adapt to children's hands, are made of quality, durable and safe materials. Here you will find our selection of nestable and stackable baby toys to help develop their ingenuity, manual dexterity, logic and coordination.
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