Crocodile Creek - Puzzle 2 pc. Let´s begin vehicles Expand
Crocodile Creek - Puzzle 2 pc. Let´s begin vehicles
  • Crocodile Creek - Puzzle 2 pc. Let´s begin vehicles
  • Crocodile Creek - Puzzle 2 pc. Let´s begin vehicles
  • Crocodile Creek - Puzzle 2 pc. Let´s begin vehicles
  • Crocodile Creek - Puzzle 2 pc. Let´s begin vehicles
  • Crocodile Creek - Puzzle 2 pc. Let´s begin vehicles

Crocodile Creek - Puzzle 2 pc. Let´s begin vehicles

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16,99 €

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Set of 10 puzzles for beginners, for children aged 2 and over. Puzzles with 2 large pieces, to fit the hands of the youngest in the house.
Cars, trucks, trains and excavators: Who didn't notice them when they were little?
  • Very resistant recycled cardboard
  • Painted with soya-based vegetable paints

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  • 2 years old
    2 years old

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Playing with puzzles provides children with lots of benefits for both their cognitive and personality development:
They teach them to overcome challenges, tolerate difficulties, improve logic and language. It is a reinforcement of family relationships and socialization, if done as a family. It improves attention and concentration.
With the puzzles the children observe and explore the objects around them. They learn to control themselves and reflect before acting, develops spatial vision and cognitive skills, learning concepts of the different topics that the puzzle deals with. They improve perceptual reasoning and mathematical skills, as well as problem solving.
Develops fine motor skills, small manipulative movements having to put the pieces in place with skill and precision and eye-hand coordination.
Increase their ability to get specific information from something general and vice versa, from something concrete (the piece) they build a whole (the puzzle). They learn to synthesize the information received from the environment, and helps to improve their self-esteem and motivation. Completing a puzzle is a success for the child and a motivation to continue doing more.
They also learn to organize information and concepts around them, as they must sort the pieces before completing them.

This product includes CE marking in accordance with European legislation.

Crocodile Creek

Crocodile Creek combines the quality and safety of U.S. manufacturing with an attractive, modern design and fun ways to promote play and attract the attention of children.

They can rest assured that all their products are safe for children. Safety is of the utmost importance.
The development team works closely with the factories to ensure that the products meet all appropriate safety standards.

The bottles are made of #304 stainless steel, which does not require any kind of protective coating. The lid is made of HDPE#2, and the lid protector is made of PP#5. Sandwich boxes are safe for children.

All materials are completely recyclable, free of lead, phthalates, BPA and PVC.

Crocodile Creek products are tested by third-party accredited testing laboratories and all certificates of compliance are available at their website.

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