Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x,  baby toy Expand
Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x,  baby toy
  • Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x,  baby toy
  • Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x,  baby toy
  • Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x,  baby toy
  • Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x,  baby toy
  • Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x,  baby toy
  • Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x,  baby toy
  • Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x,  baby toy

Dëna - Neon Rainbox 12x, baby toy

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52,99 €

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The famous Waldorf rainbow, now reinvented for the little ones.
Made of platinum silicone, this rainbow can be bitten, sucked, and even baked!

Now with more arches, and bigger!

Imagination and creativity without limits.

Size of the big arch: 17 x 9 x 5 cm
Size of the small arch: 5 x 3 x 5 cm

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dëna toys are made of platinum silicone, a soft, resistant material, BPA free and 100% safe. This material is also used to make the highest quality soothers, bottles and baby teethers.

The primary product for the manufacture of silicone is silica, which is very abundant in beach sand and other similar rocks. Silica is also, for example, the main ingredient in glass.

Platinum silicone uses a noble metal, platinum, as a catalyst, which gives it a higher quality. This makes it the ideal material for making moulds and products suitable for contact with food.

Products made of platinum silicone can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -60º to 220º, without suffering alterations. This versatility makes them suitable for microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer. They also repel water and germs, so, in addition to making them easy to clean, dëna toys guarantee maximum hygiene and food safety.

This product includes CE marking in accordance with European legislation.



We've got many reasons why we like dëna's toys, but here we want to give you just 4:

  • Safe and fun: to enjoy from 10 months to 6 years or more

  • Versatile: they can be used first as a biter, then as an educational stackable toy and then for family cooking.

  • Open-ended Play: They allow a free and unrestricted play, encourage creativity and full psychomotor development.

  • Eco: They believe in ecology and not in the culture of use and disposal, so they make very resistant toys that you can enjoy and keep for a long time.

dëna toys last, are soft, colorful, with a pleasant texture, and can even be used for cooking!

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