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Tiger Tribe - Pintura mágica - Pets
  • Tiger Tribe - Pintura mágica - Pets
  • Tiger Tribe - Pintura mágica - Pets
  • Tiger Tribe - Pintura mágica - Pets

Tiger Tribe - Pintura mágica - Pets

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10,99 €

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Watch how your little one paints!
It's magic, just fill his brush with water and you'll see how he unveils the beautiful illustrations as he passes the brush over them. As soon as they dry they are blank canvases again - it's magic!
So the little ones can reveal the pictures again and again.
Can you find the koalas? How many platypuses are there?

Ideal for travelling, while waiting in a restaurant or at the paediatrician's surgery.

No mess, it's water.

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  • 1 year old
    1 year old

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1 magic water brush
4 magic sheets
Little hands for big minds. Every day our children are full of energy to explore and explore. With Tiger Tribe play becomes a journey through the imagination.

Children learn through play. Whether it's making up stories with a Manga Carry, learning to draw with a How To Draw or colouring scenes with a Coliring Box. Tiger Tribe sets open up a world of possibilities for their little minds.

The Tiger Tribe range is packed with quality content and creativity. Carefully designed: our products entertain and entertain, making sure Tiger Tribe kids don't get bored.

This product includes CE marking in accordance with European legislation.

Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe se inició en 2007 por Naomi y Anthony Green, marido y mujer y padres de dos pequeños "tigres". Como padres ocupados, consideramos cuidadosamente el estilo de vida en el diseño de nuestros juguetes y regalos. La gama Tiger Tribe es compacta y portátil, lo que permite a los niños jugar todos los días, en cafés, viajes, en casa o donde quieran que estén.

Tiger Tribe está formado por un grupo de ilustradores de gran talento, diseñadores gráficos e innovadores de prodcutos. Los productos están diseñados e ilustrados en Australia.

Disfruta de la alegría de jugar y emprende un caminio a través de la imaginación con Tiger Tribe.

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Tiger Tribe

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