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UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D
  • UGears - Globus, kit de madera 3D

UGears - Globus, 3D wooden kit

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At Ugears, they like to believe that each of their models is both a wonderful surprise and an extraordinary gift for lovers of detail and people who appreciate the beauty of the mechanisms. They want each model they invent to bring them something more. With this model, Ugears offers you - literally - everyone. This is Globus, a world of mechanical wonders.

Number of pieces: 184.
Difficulty: Easy.
Assembly time: 4 hours.
Recommended age: 10 years.
Box dimensions: 37.8 x 17 x 3.2 cm.
Dimensions of the model: 21 x 18.5 x 18.5 cm

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Age according to manufacturer

  • 10 years old
    10 years old

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Globus is a stylized model of the globe with a set of decorative continents, a rotating mechanism and small intriguing extras that make it even more interesting. All components are made of high quality ecological plywood and laser cut. You don't need glue or tools to assemble your Globus.

The main module of the model consists of two pieces: the Globe and the platform with the mechanism. The globe is placed on an inclined axis with the same angle as the Earth. As most of the Ugears models, Globus moves thanks to a rubber band motor. However, in this case, the motor works in a different way: you can wind the motor by pulling a lever at the base and turning it clockwise. As soon as the lever is released, the gears start moving. To slow down the turning of the globe, Globus uses a pendulum gear mechanism, and if you want it to turn even slower, you can also do it manually to see all five continents in detail.

In addition to the main module, the model includes two extra interchangeable elements: the shuttle and the satellite. Choose the spacecraft you want to see spinning around the globe, and place it on its stand. The spacecraft also moves by the action of the rubber band motor as they are linked to the main module through the planetary gear. Thanks to this connection, the ships rotate almost twice as fast as the globe and make almost two complete turns with just one operation of the winding lever.

The model is simple to assemble, and even more interesting to observe in movement. It has a unique mechanism and iconic design - which are the hallmarks that make Ugears models perfect gifts and decorations for any home or office.

UGEARS creates attractive and imaginative mechanical models, made of wood, which move by themselves and can be assembled without using glue.

Their designs are inspired by real mechanisms and show their love for art and ingenuity. At UGEARS they think that building these beautiful models should also be fun, and they dedicate their best expertise to the field of engineering. The meticulous testing and quality control of their products has only one goal: to ensure that their models provide a captivating and rewarding experience for the whole family.


Risk of injury. Contains parts that have pointed elements and sharp edges.
Not suitable for children under 14.

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