UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit Expand
UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit
  • UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit

UGears - STEM Lab Pendulum, 3D wooden kit

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25,90 €

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The UGears pendulum is the perfect example of a common element in all mechanical watches. It is used as part of a launching mechanism, and its function is to provide a constant rhythm for the gear mechanism.
Pendulums are also used in a wide range of fields, from seismography to music, and this is what makes the assembly of this multifunctional set so exciting.

Number of pieces: 92.
Difficulty: Easy.
Assembly time: 1-2 hours.
Recommended age: 8-10 years.
Box dimensions: 20.5 x 18.8 x 6.3 cm.
Model dimensions: 11.5 x 8.3 x 16.7 cm

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Age according to manufacturer

  • 10 years old
    10 years old

Play type

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The set of parts that make the pendulums work consists of the following elements:
  • Exhaust wheel
  • Needle indicator
  • Pendulum with anchorage
  • Bob Pendulum.
At the heart of this set is a rubber band that drives the entire mechanism and compensates for the loss of kinetic energy. The force of gravity, together with the tension of the rubber band, affects the oscillation of the amplitude, which easily illustrates the principle of operation of any pendulum mechanism. The frequency of the oscillation is controlled by the weight of the Bob Pendulum and the resistance of the rubber band, while the mechanism is set in motion with the help of a rope wheel that is connected to a gear.

To assemble any set of the UGears STEM Lab series, you will need a study pocket guide, an illustrated manual, wooden boards with pre-cut puzzle pieces and some additional materials. All this is included in the box, and it's all you need to get started. You won't need glue or anything else that doesn't come in the STEM lab box.

Once the project is ready, you can look beyond the assembly process, and study all the real-life applications of the pendulum through the augmented reality experience provided by UGears' STEM Lab application. Aim at the puzzle with your phone or tablet, and see how this mechanism is used in various machines. You can also zoom in with your fingers and see how it works from different angles.

The abbreviation STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is an innovative approach to teaching these disciplines through a practical demonstration of the key principles of scientific law. The UGears STEM Lab series presents 3D models based on this learning method. Through a series of exciting experiments, children and adults will be able to more easily understand science, and the logic behind the mechanisms that surround us in our daily lives. In addition, the STEM method allows students to develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity and much more.

UGEARS creates attractive and imaginative mechanical models, made of wood, which move by themselves and can be assembled without using glue.

Their designs are inspired by real mechanisms and show their love for art and ingenuity. At UGEARS they think that building these beautiful models should also be fun, and they dedicate their best expertise to the field of engineering.

The meticulous testing and quality control of their products has only one goal: to ensure that their models provide a captivating and rewarding experience for the whole family.


What is STEM?

STEM, a term often used today, means Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (for its abbreviations in English). And the reason for its pervasiveness is that it is an important part of the teaching curriculum. In practice, this means that educators set aside individual disciplines and adopt an approach based on skills and projects. In other words, it means making learning more interesting and attractive.

Models for children and adults?

The models in this range are adapted to the age of the user. They are an understandable way to study widely used mechanisms, transmission and coupling systems as well as their practical applications in real life. Each Ugears STEM-lab model is developed to serve as a practical guide for teaching mechanics and physics to students between the ages of 8 and 14. They are also suitable for family activities applying STEM studies. Explaining things to a child using a Ugears STEM-lab model as a case study strengthens the bonds you have with your children. By moving through the different stages of the Ugears STEM project step by step, you will get to know different mechanisms in depth - literally. And as a result, what seemed like unexplainable mechanical magic becomes evident and understandable. As with the rest of the Ugears collections, the assembly of the STEM-lab models is fun and comprehensive: everything needed for assembly, learning and discovery is in the box .

Why STEM educational toys?

The new range of Ugears models adopts the name STEM and its main concept. With each model, you get the toolkit for a STEM project and a challenge to meet. You will receive everything you need in the box and you only have to decide who you want to invite to be part of your project team: your parents, siblings or friends. Each of the mechanical models in the STEM-lab collection is an interactive study tool for a mechanism. Assembling them with your own hands will help you to understand perfectly the principles of their operation. Extend your learning experience even further with the Ugears augmented reality application. Photograph a fully assembled STEM-lab model with your tablet camera or mobile phone and the app will show you various uses of the mechanism you have just built. You will see how it is used in machines, buildings and industrial constructions. Explore it from different angles, get a close-up and an overview.

Gift suggestions

The Ugears STEM-lab mechanical wooden models are great original gifts for any occasion and practical STEM projects for children and adults of all ages. Make your learning experience even more fascinating; discover how smart you are and how creative you can be. Give the best of yourself to children, teaching them essential mechanical, mathematical and engineering skills and say you are proud of them.

All natural material

Made of ecological wood from sustainable sources, all Ugears STEM-lab models are easy to assemble without the use of glue or special tools thanks to our patented plywood joints. You will work with a natural material that is pleasant to the touch. The high quality plywood used is durable enough, but replacements may be needed. We have added individual parts in each box, however, if you need additional parts, please email us at [email protected] and we will send them to you by post free of charge.

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